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Circumference Of The Sun - S/T album download


Circumference Of The Sun




Electronic / Jazz

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4.6 ✱


Experimental, Space-Age

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Circumference Of The Sun - S/T album download


A1 Megatype 2012
A2 Acrophobia
A3 Sumerian Dream
A4 Sharky Boy
B1 Machina
B2 Kaleidoscope Reflections
B3 Melchior, Balthazar, And Casper
B4 Prototype 1

Earth's circumference is the distance around the Earth, either around the equator (40,075. 017 km ) or around the poles (40,007. 863 km ). Measurement of Earth's circumference has been important to navigation since ancient times. It was first calculated by Eratosthenes, which he did by comparing altitudes of the mid-day sun at two places a known north–south distance apart

Background What is Earth’s circumference? In the age of modern technology this may seem like an easy question for scientists to answer with tools such as satellites and GPS-and it would be even easier for you to look up the answer online. It might seem like it would be impossible for you to measure the circumference of our planet using only a meterstick. The Greek mathematician Eratosthenes, however, was able to estimate Earth’s circumference more than 2,000 years ago, without the aid of any modern technology. He read that in a city named Syene south of Alexandria, on a particular day of the year at noon, the sun’s reflection was visible at the bottom of a deep well. This meant the sun had to be directly overhead. Another way to think about this is that perfectly vertical objects would cast no shadow. On that same day in Alexandria a vertical object did cast a shadow.

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The circumference of the Moon is 10,921 km, and the circumference of Jupiter is 500,000 km. Here are a bunch of measurements for you: Circumference of the Earth in kilometers: 40,075 km Circumference of the Earth in meters: 40,075,000 meters Circumference of the Earth in centimeters: 4,007,500,000 centimeters. Circumference of the Earth in miles: 24,901 miles Circumference of the Earth in feet: 131,477,280 feet Circumference of the Earth in inches: 1,577,727,360 inches. We have written many articles about Earth for Universe Today

How big a ruler would you need to measure the circumference of the Earth? Did you know that you can do it with a yardstick? (And you won't have to travel all the way around the world!) Objective. The goal of this project is to estimate the circumference of the earth by setting up a mathematical proportion from simple measurements.

The sun is definitely huge compared to other objects in the solar system. It is big enough to consume all the planets inside it. It even makes up 99% of the entire mass of the solar system. The mass of the sun is . 891 x 1030 kg. Making it simple, imagine that it is 333 000 times the mass of the earth. The sun’s diameter is . million kilometers while its circumference is around . million kilometers. That will make 109 earths side by side to match sun’s diameter

Diameter of Sun at equator is 1392530 kilometers. Formula for circumference is Pi x D Pi 3. How do you measure the circumference of the earth using sun angles? Does the sun circle around the earth? What is the radius of sun and earth? If the radius of the Earth's orbit around the Sun is 150 million km, what is the speed of the Earth? See all questions in The Sun. Impact of this question. 440 views around the world.

Empire of the Sun are an Australian electronic music duo from Sydney, formed in 2007. The duo is a collaboration between Luke Steele, of alternative rock band The Sleepy Jackson, and Nick Littlemore, of electronic dance band Pnau. Empire of the Sun's 2008 debut album, Walking on a Dream, brought the duo international success and has been certified double platinum in Australia and gold in the United Kingdom.

At high noon, the sun would shine directly overhead and there would be no shadows stemming from the columns. However, Eratosthenes realized that at the same moment in Alexandria, columns clearly did have shadows. Being a good mathematician, he decided to use this knowledge to do a few calculations to figure out the circumference of the Earth. To do this, Eratosthenes measured the shadow of an obelisk on June 21 at noon. He discovered that the sun was about 7°14’ from being directly overhead.

Sun Angle, Duration, and Insolation. Understanding Earth’s relationships with the sun leads us directly into a discussion of how the intensity of the sun’s rays varies from place to place throughout the year and into an examination of the seasonal changes on Earth. Solar radiation received by the Earth system, known as insolation (for incoming solar radiation), is the main source of energy on our planet. The seasonal variations in temperature that we experience are due primarily to fluctuations in insolation. This distance is very close to the actual circumference of the great circle that would connect Alexandria and Syene.

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